We possess the foremost machinery units which when combined with our proficient team has the potential to deliver wonders in the world of steel forgings.


The Company is Well Equipped with following machinery and handling equipments capable of delivering Proof / Finish machined items as per the Requirement of its esteemed customers

S.No: List of Forging Machinery Qty
1. Steam Forging Hammers 10 Ton . 02 Nos.
2 Ring hammers 12 Ton 01 No.
3 Steam Forging Hammers 7 Ton 01 No.
4. Steam Forging Hammers 5 Ton 01 No.
5. Forging Manipulators 6 MT  
6. Forging Manipulators 3 MT  
7. Jublin CBL 4 TPH 02 Nos.
8.(B) Forging furnace with all new technology updated 01 No.
9.(A) Heat treatment furnace (Normalizing 5mtr x 1.5mtr) 04 Nos.
9.(B) Heat treatment furnace (Normalizing 5mtr x 1.5mtr) 01 No.
9.(C) Heat treatment furnace with SCADA technology (2.5mtr x 7mtr) 01 No.
a. Quenching and Tempering
Size (Dia 1070mm x Length 1800mm)
Cooling tank 14000 Ltr. Max. Temp. 1000 Tol. +/- 3 Deg. C
01 No.
b. Quenching and Tempering
Size (12FT X 12FTX 20FT)
Oil tank 55000 Ltr. Max. Temp. 1100 Tol. +/- 3 DEG. C
01 No.
10. E. O. T. Cranes 15 Ton, 10 ton 1, 7 ton 1 05 Nos.


VEERNIERS UP TO 1.5 MTRS AND Compasses, Tools etc.

01 No.
List of Machining Equipments:
11. Fully Geared Lathe (German) 5Mtr 01 No.
12 VTL Machine automatic operated with drive 01 No.
13. Fully Geared Lathe (Indian) 4Mtr 01 No.
14. Lathe Machine 26 ft 03 Nos.
15. Lathe Machine 20 ft 03 Nos.
16. Lathe Machine 16 ft 04 Nos.
17. Lathe Machine 14 ft 01 No.
18. Lathe Machine 10 ft 01 No.
19. Lathe Machin 8 ft 04 Nos.
20. Power Hacksaw capacity 30” 04 Nos.
21. Power Hacksaw capacity 20” 01 No.
22. Band saw capacity 850mm 01 No.
23. Band saw capacity 525mm 03 Nos.
24. Drill Machine Capacity 5 mm to 100 mm 02 Nos.
25. E. O. T. Cranes 10 Ton, 5 Ton 06 Nos.
26. Generator Sets (Greaves cotton ltd. 125 KVA) 03 Nos.
27. Automated punching machine 01 No.
List of Machining Equipments:
28. Chemical Laboratory (Spectrometer – available to us)  
29. Physical Testing  
a. Tensile Strength Testing Machine (make FIE) -capacity 40 MT  
b. Impact Testing Machine (make FIE) -capacity 168 Jules  
c. Brinell Hardness Tester (make SAROJ)  
d. Electronic Hardness Tester (make Blue Star)  
e. Micro / Macro Structure Testing (available to us)  
30. N. D. T. Testing  
a. Ultra Testing (Modasonic)  
b. Ultrasonic Testing (make EEC, model ED-1)  
c. Ultrasonic testing (go plus GE)  
d. M. P. I. Testing  

With the above mentioned machines and a workforce of experienced and dedicated personnel the company is capable of machining jobs at any precision level as per the requirement of Drawing/Customer and has precision measuring instruments viz., Venire Calipers, Micrometers etc., to measure the actual Dimensions of the machined jobs.

** Finished Machining is also available for Jobs up 10 MTR Length

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