A breakdown of our triumphant journey

  • 1992.jpeg

    Punjab Hammers

    The commencement of Punjab Hammers with a single steam hammer Forged in Carbon Steel
  • 1997-300x225.jpg

    ISO Certified

  • 2002-225x300.jpeg

    Installation of second steam hammer

  • 2003-300x169.jpg

    Test Lab

    Our own Test Lab started
  • 2005-300x225.jpg


    Opening of our second unit Installed North region’s biggest steam hammer Started forging in stainless steel as well as Carbon Steel
  • 2006-225x300.jpeg
    Added 2 more steam hammers thus taking our tally to 4
  • 2007-300x225.jpg

    API Certified

    Established our own heat treatment plant Became API Certified
  • 2011-300x200.jpg
    Installed tubular boilers
  • 2011-16-300x225.jpg
    Established domestic dominance Onboarded ample machinery units to handle copper die steel as well as duplex steel forge
  • 2017-300x169.jpg

    International Clientele

    - Installation of our first ever ring hammer - 2 German forging manipulators were added to our machinery unit - Built an impressive international clientele ranging from North America to Europe
  • International Expansion

    Expanded operations in the overseas market Installation of UMC and CNC for for quality enhancement purposes

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