Our Managing Director

At Punjab Hammers, we thrive to be the very best with our unrivalled forging dexterity. Our prime motive is to manufacture quality steel units and raise the standards with our every attempt.

It gives us immense pleasure in being amongst the leading companies in the ever-growing world of the forging industry. This journey has been quite remarkable for us with all its twists and turns but one thing that helped us prosper was the sheer grit and determination of the Punjab Hammers family. Ever since 1992, there have been many transformations in our company ranging from the upgraded machinery to the trending techniques but if there is one thing that has and will never change was the importance of trust factor. The trust factor factor we proudly enjoy has been down to one thing and that is the quality of our products. We forge with precision and our ambition has been to generate substantial products!

It is rightly said that “Reaching on top isn’t hard, staying is”. We believe in being better than yesterday and our drive to be the premier manufacturers of heavy steel forgings is what keeps us motivated in day-to-day operations.

Mr. Vikas Garg continues to be the driving force behind our success stories. Mr Garg is hands-on in every aspect of the company.

As the business expanded, additional team members have been employed but the Managing Director continues to bestow his valuable contribution to each and every department.

Mr Vikas Garg has documented a success-laden journey which truly defines the “PUNJAB HAMMER”..

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